All You Need To Know About The Rules And Gameplay Of Domino QQ

xela-fr.comAll You Need To Know About The Rules And Gameplay Of Domino QQ. Domino QQ or sometimes called Domino Qui Qui is one of the most popular games at situs poker. Many are wondering why this has been an instant hit. Simple! Domino QQ is more than just a card game. This includes gambling, strategy, and the right skills in order for you to win. This game is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in other countries from all over the world.

How To Play Domino QQ

A pack of Domino cards that have 28 cards will each have red round dots with counts 0 to 6 separated in two pairs. Unlike the dominoes in the United States, the ones from Indonesia are smaller cards and they are thrown away immediately after there are signs of wear and play. The players will first have to bet a certain amount and this will depend on where you are playing; the bet can be higher or lower. As soon as the game starts, each player will be given 3 cards. Once the players have their cards, they can call, raise, or fold.


During the first round, if only one person bets, then they will take the winning pot even without having to show their hand. If one or more people bets, then those who did not fold will get dealt a 4th card. Once the card is dealt the final round will follow. The rounds will usually have a betting limit and the second round will have a higher limit. At the end of the game, the players who did not fold will have to show their hands. The goal of this game is to have the highest possible ranking among the players. The one who has the largest number of cards or special cards will be declared as the winner.

5 Special Mix Cards

When playing Domino QQ, it is important that you know the following special mix cards. If you know all these, then it would be easier for you to understand the game. Here are 5 special mix cards besides the normal card value with Domino QQ:

  • Double 9. The highest value in normal cards where the total value of the left and right cards is 9.
  • Small Series. 4th place in special cards. This is when you have total dots total between 6 and 9.
  • Big Series. 3rd place in special cards. This is when you have total dots between 39 and 43.
  • Twin Series. 2nd place in special cards. No other player will have the same if you have 4 of these cards. If others do not have the 6 6 6 cards, then you win the game!
  • 6 God. The highest value of special cards and if you have these, you automatically win the game because the other players will not have the same cards like yours.

If you like online gambling and you have not tried Domino QQ yet, then this is the time to give it a go! This is one of the most enjoyable games online and perfect for those who just want to stay at home and play in peace without the distractions of the real casino setting.

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